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You don’t have to paint just with brushes—or with fingers. One incredibly satisfying method of creating with pigment is to scrape with a special tool. Paint scrapers are often used to remove stubborn, dried flakes of paint from canvas, but you can also use certain ones to create negative space or add textures and patterns. This is particularly true of beginner-level scrapers, which tend to have blades manufactured from softer materials like silicone and plastic rather than sharp or stiff metal. Make complex details in a snap with our favorite painting scrapers for young people and students, profiled below.

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Princeton Catalyst Contours and Wedges
These handle-less silicone spatulas are cute, fun to use, and pretty affordable. Intended for heavy-body paints, the wedge-shaped tools come in in fun colors and six designs, from a simple, smooth-edged wedge to ones with bumpy, jagged, or perforated sides. No matter your choice, you’ll always have one rounded edge that fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to get close to your work surface for heightened control. The silicone is firm with a bit of flexibility so you can move each tool smoothly through paint and create even patterns. Because these scrapers are FDA approved, you can even use them in the kitchen.

Unique Bargains Trapezoid Scraper

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward scraper, we like this plastic one. It is trapezoidal, with five sides of different lengths. Use them to scrape paint from all angles without scratching your canvas. The tool is slim so you can get right under your layers, and the edges meet at points that are precise without being dangerously sharp. This tool is also very easy to clean with just water and soap. Its longest edge measures 5½ inches.

Princeton Catalyst Blades

If you like the sound of Princeton’s wedges but like working with a handle, consider these tools, which are designed as hybrids of a palette knife and paintbrush. There are six different edge patterns available in three sizes each to produce a range of textures, from gentle ripples and waves to flat edges to combs. The long wooden handle is perfect for creating expressive flourishes, and you won’t have to worry about getting paint on your hands. Scrape away with speed and consistency.

Roylco Paint Scrapers
This economical set of plastic paint scrapers is perfect for young ones to use in the classroom, although it’s also a good choice for adults looking for particular effects. You get four scrapers with different pronged designs for producing wide and fine grooves in paint, and each is well constructed to create even patterns. What makes them particularly great for small hands is their cut-out slot handles that provide an easy grip. Each measures about 3 by 5 inches.

Art Alternatives Rubber Texture Combs
This is a good pair of tools for artists who want to create a wide variety of patterns but prefer a less cluttered workspace. The rectangular rubber scrapers each feature four ornamental edges for a grand total of eight textures. Use them to create stripes, crosshatches, and other eye-catching designs. Each has a rigid center so holding it is comfortable whether oriented horizontally or vertically, but do expect to get some paint on your hands.

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